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Affordable Bankruptcy: Name Someone You Admire

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lincoln-bankruptcyAs Christian D. Larson once said, ““What you admire in others will develop in yourself.” Quite simply, in admiring someone, you want something they have. This gives you the ambition to copy their actions with the aim of achieving goals similar to theirs – a great motivator when starting new. In the case of bankruptcy, adapting a new mindset to your finances means you can avoid re-encountering the same financial pitfalls because: thoughts govern behavior, which in turn become habits.

You are at a point in your life now where you are looking to start fresh financially. So it is always a good idea to learn from others who have been successful financially. Or even those who have previously filed, and built their success afterwards? Keep reading…

At Affordable Bankruptcy Courses, we admire those who bounce back after a tough time financially, and do bigger and better than was ever expected of them. And what better to look at than some famous bankruptcies to answer this question..?

So, who do we admire?

  • Walt Disney. Yes, you read correctly! Today with over 47,000 daily visitors in the Orlando theme park alone, it is hard to believe that once upon a time, Walt Disney was struggling financially. But he was. Starting out as a filmmaker in 1923, he had to file for bankruptcy – 5 years before the invention of Mickey Mouse, a milestone which completely transformed his career.
  • Milton Hershey – yes, really! Nowadays he is remembered for his delicious milk chocolate formula, but in 1882 he had to file for bankruptcy when a candy shop he was working in, went out of business. Through trial and experimentation, it wasn’t until 1900 that he finally nailed the chocolate recipe that has made him a household name today.
  • Abraham Lincoln. 1833 was a difficult year for him financially, resulting in a bankruptcy filing for the future 16th President of the United States. And he was a very successful one at that, for which we are very grateful. Did you know he established Thanksgiving as a National Holiday?

Hopefully you are starting to sense a trend here. All of these individuals became the names behind huge, successful entities. Bankruptcy was just a blip on their financial radar. This proves that filing for bankruptcy does not mean you are financially doomed forever. You always have the chance to turn things around. Don’t believe us? Here are a few more examples…

  • Henry Ford. He became a millionaire overnight after the launch of the now infamous Ford Motor Company. But, prior to this, the failure of two business ventures led him to file for bankruptcy – not once, but twice. Third time’s a charm, as they say.
  • And last but by no means least – YOU! Having the courage to admit you are struggling financially and need help, is a huge step. It takes a lot of courage. Then going as far as to research the subject by falling upon amazing blogs such as this – that requires even more strength.

In addition to providing you valuable, informative content through our blog, we are also here to help get you started on your road to financial freedom. Use Affordable Bankruptcy Courses today for the required Credit Counseling and Debtor Education to complete your bankruptcy filing. And if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and a member of our team will get back to you. Think bankruptcy courses, think Affordable.

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Based in Plantation, Florida, Affordable Bankruptcy Courses (ABC), together with Advisory Credit Management (ACM) offer EOUST approved Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling and Pre-Discharge Debtor Education Courses. ABC prides itself on being the low cost solution and offering the required bankruptcy courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in English or Spanish, and there’s no phone call required for certification.

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