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Bankruptcy Filers: If You Had to Give Up One Thing for 24 Hours, What Would it Be?

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relaxMy financial distress, duh! Given that you are considering filing for bankruptcy, the answer to this question seems obvious. But in finding our blog, and learning about all Affordable Bankruptcy Courses has to offer, you have already taken the first essential steps towards financial freedom. After completing the required Credit Counseling and Debtor Education, you will have learned the basic concepts to rebuild after filing. And if you would like additional resources, Start Fresh Today Plus is full of essential tools to help you start fresh after bankruptcy. The biggest takeaway is to remember to use this period in your life as a learning curve, as you don’t want to have to file again in the future. What else should you give up?

  • Money worries. You wouldn’t be human if these didn’t consume your thoughts during this difficult time in your life. As hard as it sounds, try and adjust your mindset. Worrying doesn’t provide a better tomorrow, it just empties today of its joy. And by focusing solely on money worries, you are missing out on so many positive things every single day. Same as above: use this period in your life as a learning curve. Learn how to effectively budget and manage your finances to avoid having to be in this stressful situation again.
  • Expectations. Setting the bar too high can be a good thing for those ambitious overachievers, but it can also deal a devastating blow if you repeatedly don’t meet your goals. You aren’t going to become hugely successful overnight; this is a slow process. Avoid setting yourself unrealistic expectations, and instead focus on smaller, more manageable goals. Such as budgeting. There are many resources out there to help with this.
  • Excuses. It is a lot easier to place blame rather than act, and if you are suffering financially through no fault of your own, there are likely to be many harboring feelings of bitterness and resentment. But, no matter what the reason for your filing, you are in this tricky financial situation and need to get out of it. Find something to motivate you each and every day – we have actually written a post on inspirational quotes to boost your spirits during bankruptcy; have a look at it for some motivation.
  • Your Demons. Don’t let fear of your financial past control you. Having completed the required bankruptcy courses, you are now equipped with all the tools and knowledge to start fresh, and the only thing stopping you is you!
  • Resistance To Growth. After filing, you will need to develop and change your money mindset. This is essential to help get you on the way to a fresh financial future, so resisting these changes and developments is futile. You may have heard the famous quote, People don’t resist change, they resist being changed? This is very applicable here, and is something to be taken into consideration. You were strong enough to file and get through bankruptcy, so you are definitely strong enough to start fresh afterwards.

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Based in Plantation, Florida, Affordable Bankruptcy Courses (ABC), together with Advisory Credit Management (ACM) offer EOUST approved Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling and Pre-Discharge Debtor Education Courses. ABC prides itself on being the low cost solution and offering the required bankruptcy courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in English or Spanish, and there’s no phone call required for certification.

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