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Affordable Bankruptcy Courses: What is Your Guilty Pleasure?

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guilty-pleasureWe all have them. Those tempting, enjoyable habits you enjoy but really, really shouldn’t. You enjoy it, but in doing so, feel immense guilt. Any sight, mention or thought of them sends your mind into an I-shouldn’t-but-I-really-want-to meltdown. These can vary in nature, from food indulgences such as chocolate, to addictive habits like smoking, and even stretch as far as simple pleasures such as sleeping in on the weekend.

So what is our guilty pleasure?

Here at Affordable Bankruptcy Courses, we have a confession to make. We just love blogging! To us, there is nothing better than communicating with our readers through our blog. We spend hours each day researching, to provide you with valuable, informative – and hey, maybe even amusing – content to keep you engaged. Should we ever have to explain the hours we spend on social media, our rationale is “times have changed, and social media has taken the world by storm. Without social media marketing, we are missing out on reaching a large portion of our target market.”

What about you?

Have you been able to identify your guilty pleasure? For the team here at Affordable, shopping ranked highly on the list. Struggling to make it through to pay day, but just have to have those to-die-for Louboutin heels you saw in the store window? We can relate. So we tried implementing the 30 day rule when shopping – with great success! See something you love? Hold off for 30 days. Do you still want it? Chances are, the desire will have passed and you don’t end up purchasing it. You can save a lot of money this way! Another great tool during times when spending can get a little out of hand, is to implement a budget. As WikiHow so cleverly summarizes: “A budget is like a bra. It feels weird the first couple times, but once you get used to it, you’re glad it’s there. (Fellas, think “jock-strap”).” To get you started, there are all kinds of budgeting calculators out there to help keep your spending under control. There are also plenty of repairing and rebuilding tools available to you after you have completed your filing. One thing bankruptcy is not, is fun. So try to alleviate the stresses and pressures involved as much as you can by planning for the future. Consider bankruptcy a blessing in disguise; your opportunity to start fresh.

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Based in Plantation, Florida, Affordable Bankruptcy Courses (ABC), together with Advisory Credit Management (ACM) offer EOUST approved Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling and Pre-Discharge Debtor Education Courses. ABC prides itself on being the low cost solution and offering the required bankruptcy courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in English or Spanish, and there’s no phone call required for certification.

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