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If Bankruptcy Were An Object, What Would It Be?

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if-bankruptcy-were-an-objectThis is an interesting concept. If you could see bankruptcy, pick it up and hold it in your hands; smell it, hear the sounds it makes…would it be as intimidating as it stands currently? And what would it be?

We are guessing it wouldn’t be an object of affection, to which you whisper terms of endearment and harbor fond feelings for. Would it be a person; perhaps the dreaded taxman or the boogeyman that used to haunt your childhood dreams? Perhaps it compares to your intense fear of flying, spiders or sharks? Would it be a target for frustration, through which you use the old ‘pinning up the face of your enemies on a dartboard’ concept to vent your anger and frustrations?

It could be deemed some – if not all – of these, but would that be entirely fair?

As we have mentioned before on the Affordable Bankruptcy Courses blog, bankruptcy is not the cause of your financial distress, it is there as a result of it. It is a form of debt relief – there as a life raft when you feel like you are drowning in debt. Taking this into consideration, it doesn’t make sense that we attach these negative connotations to bankruptcy. By no means are we saying that is it an easy process to be taken lightly; we are just encouraging you to imagine the relief you will experienceafter you have completed filing!

Similar to that feeling you get after finishing – and acing – an exam. Or when your personal trainer stops your workout and announces, “Great job! You are done for the day!” Or that feeling you get when you wake in the morning and realize it is a Saturday. That forbidden treat you allow yourself after a strict week of dieting. These are all – incredibly important 😉 – real life situations, initiating positive emotional responses. Although not easy at first, thinking of bankruptcy in this way can really ease your stresses during this difficult time. What positive feeling(s) can you get from bankruptcy; what positive associations can you make?

Relief, a clean slate, debt relief, fresh start, financial freedom, learning about new concepts such as money management and budgeting through your Debtor Education course… this is only a start. Feel free to add your contributions in the comments section below!

The point we are trying to make is; if you could hold bankruptcy in your hands; physically see and feel it…would you perceive it any differently? Think of something that stresses you out. You mull it over, and by overanalyzing the situation, the stress amplifies in your brain. The beast becomes bigger, nastier and scarier. By personifying it, that is, to “attribute human nature or character to an inanimate object,” you are starting to face up to the issue, and this is a way of conquering it. In going one step further and reconfiguring your perception and approach to bankruptcy, you are able to turn your situation around. Only you can get yourself through the dark tunnel of debt relief and out to the bright light on the other side, and bankruptcy is a great option available to help you achieve this.

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