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Bankruptcy In The Celebrity Domain?

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celebrity-bankruptcyThe world of celebrity is one of intrigue, shrouded in mystery and excitement. It is almost like celebrities are members of an exclusive club, and we are on the outside looking in. They are portrayed as models of idolization and perfection, for which their adoring public is more than happy to oblige.

But why? They are only human, just like you and me. They live and breathe the same air as us. They wake up every morning, live each day and go to sleep at night, just like us. They make mistakes. The only difference between them and us is they chose a career in show business.

Yet we still think of them as being exempt from the everyday problems we have to struggle with. Getting stuck in traffic, paying taxes, waiting in line at the grocery store, having disagreements with friends and family, money struggles…

Yes, you read correctly. Money struggles. Contrary to popular belief, being a household name does not make you exempt from bankruptcy. What do Walt Disney, Henry Ford and Milton Hershey have in common? You guessed it. They all had to file for bankruptcy; Henry Ford 3 times over! Other shocking filers include Burt Reynolds, Kim Basinger and Larry King! Some of these famous names ended up headlining some of the world’s most profitable multinational corporations. It is all written in our post on famous bankruptcies, which will instantly change your perceptions on the stigma attached to the bankruptcy process.

Something which, of course, will be taught to you through the aforementioned bankruptcy courses, and, coupled with your desire to start fresh financially, should act as the perfect motivator to gain control over your spending and saving patterns.We have written posts in the past on the 5 top tips for budgeting and maintaining a positive outlook when filing for bankruptcy to help you in this regard. We are by no means implying this is an easy process, because it isn’t. But the version of yourself after filing will be very different to the one prior to filing! You will be dying to tell yourself how you can improve your financial situation and avoid ever having to struggle again. You will now be equipped with the tools, knowledge and desire to be a financial success, maintaining control of your spending indefinitely. We guarantee it 😉

This concludes our thoughts for today, but please stay tuned for our next post on the Affordable Bankruptcy Courses blog. Are you enjoying our blog challenge? If there is specific content you would like to see, or a particular topic you would like us to cover, please let us know in the comments section below. We are here to provide valuable, informative content to help you.

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