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Authors To Inspire You Through Bankruptcy: Ernest Hemingway

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bankruptcy-inspirationIt was Hemingway’s opinion that “the world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places,” and we agree very much with this sentiment. So might now you might feel broken, but filing for bankruptcy is going to make you stronger than you ever thought possible. For the time being, think of bankruptcy as the sticky tape that is going to mend you back together.

For now, why not seek solace in an extra bit of sticky tape in the form of an Affordable Bankruptcy Courses blog post? This is the third in our “Authors To Inspire You Through Bankruptcy” series, and in writing this valuable and informative content for our readers, we ourselves are actually learning a lot about the mental strength required in the bankruptcy process, and the importance of staying positive and remaining focused during such a trying time. It is recognized as a difficult process both physically and mentally, so what better time to invest some time in the uplifting, motivational quotes on the Affordable Bankruptcy Courses blog?

“How did you go bankrupt?” Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.” – Ernest Hemingway

Today we are featuring Ernest Hemingway, an infamous American author known for classic literature such as A Farewell To Arms, The Sun Also Rises and The Old Man and the Sea. Even after his death in 1961, he was renowned for an iconic writing style and being a highly influential author for his time. He was also in constant pursuit of adventure, as evidenced the occasional line in his books. He once said, “Never confuse movement with action.” The logic behind this line is flawless. In the case of bankruptcy, the action involved is first in acknowledging you are struggling financially, and secondly by taking steps towards ending this struggle, i.e.: filing for bankruptcy and taking the required bankruptcy courses. Think of the ‘action’ as a way of improving your life. So it goes without saying that running away from the problem or burying your head in the sand is, by definition, moving, but it is not action. After all, “you can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another.” Your problems will just follow you wherever you go.

So it is evident that financial distress will not go away by itself. It may be through no fault of your own that you are in this state, but the only person who can relieve you of this stress is – you guessed it – YOU. You are stronger than you feel, and can get through this. As Hemingway once wrote, “a man can be destroyed but not defeated.” Don’t let the bankruptcy demon defeat you! You can conquer it, not only during but also after filing, by adopting sensible practices such as budgeting to avoid any chance of overspending in the future. By putting on your brave face and tackling the metaphorical bankruptcy monster, you are one step closer towards a brighter financial future. After all, in the eyes of Hemingway, “courage is grace under pressure.” Sohere you are setting an example for other people in your situation.

It may feel like right now, you are at an all-time low with no chance of recovery, but we hope we have demonstrated that this is not the case. Think of bankruptcy as your opportunity to start fresh. It is a form of debt relief, offering you a chance to start again, with a firmer grip on your spending and saving patterns. It is during this difficult time that you discover your true strength. You can get through this. Don’t give up hope. “It’s silly not to hope. It’s a sin he thought.”

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