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Authors To Inspire You Through Bankruptcy: Emily Dickinson

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famaous-author-bankruptcy-inspirationFamous for capturing the hearts of millions through her written word, Emily Dickinson is the next author to feature in the Affordable Bankruptcy Courses “Authors To Inspire You Through Bankruptcy” series. An American poet born in 1830, Emily’s brilliance was sadly not discovered until after her death, when collections of her poetry became available to the public. Since then, she has been revered as a highly influential American poet – and even now, is considered one of the most important to date.

During bankruptcy, it is easy to become preoccupied with thoughts and stresses concerning your finances, but it is important to try and keep things in perspective. As Dickinson wrote, “Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.” By this, she is saying that you may be struggling, but you are alive! And instead of just surviving, you want to live. Do not let bankruptcy rule your life, as difficult a concept as that may seem right now. Take things slowly. Set yourself milestones – for example, learning how to budget effectively – and find happiness in accomplishing these. Find joy in the small things, for you may soon realize they were actually the big things. Appreciate your friends and family during this difficult time, and partake in your favorite past times to remind yourself of what it feels like to enjoy each day and be happy.

She had a quirky way of getting her message across; by placing a lot of significance in simple phrases that require several real-throughs before the true concept and meaning is properly grasped. For example, upon first glance, Dickinson’s phrase “forever is composed of nows,” could be deemed confusing. What exactly does it mean? Does it even make sense? In short, yes. By living in each moment – each ‘now– and making decisions and adopting attitudes based on the here and now, you are determining your future – your ‘forever. Who you are now, and the decisions you make now, determine the path you take and the person you will become. So make the decision to tackle your bankruptcy. Take the required Credit Counseling and Debtor Education courses, and get on the road to a fresher financial future.

Dickinson believed highly in the power of possibility. Her work itself is scattered with possibility, in encouraging her readers to adopt her positive ‘can do’ attitude – “I believe in possibility…dwell in possibilities…the possible’s slow fuse is lit by the imagination.” In saying this, she is reinforcing the fact that your mind has more influence than you may realize.  Tell yourself you can do something, and your world opens up. Possibilities only become apparent when you open your mind up to them; when you imagine. Imagine you can get through this bankruptcy filing, and you will. You will become a stronger person because of it. How are we so sure? Well as a wise American poet once said, “A wounded deer leaps highest…”In being ‘wounded’ by bankruptcy, when you shakily stand up on those deer legs of yours, you are going to be able to jump higher than you ever could before. Why? Because you went through an incredibly difficult, life-changing situation…and survived.

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