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Notes For Bankruptcy Attorneys: What Did Disney Do Right?

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disney-bankruptcyIn an industry as busy as bankruptcy, it is easy to look at other attorneys and wonder the reasons behind their success. You are doing everything right, have put it into practice and are not seeing the results you want? Why?

When writing this post, we thought it would be best to use a highly successful brand to illustrate our points. We chose Disney – a fitting choice, given that Walt Disney himself actually filed for bankruptcy in 1923 before becoming a household name. And because, let’s face it, have you ever seen an unhappy face in a Disney theme park?

The answer to the above question is, of course, “No! I have never seen an unhappy face in a Disney theme park!” They make people happy. Same goes for a Disney store. Or when you are sitting watching a Disney film. They have this magical way of mesmerizing each and every viewer, regardless of age.Despite having some tragic storylines (we warn you – be equipped with tissues when you sit down to watch Bambi or Fox & The Hound), the happy-go-lucky attitude injected into each and every Disney masterpiece has yet to be matched.

This leads onto our next point.Despite having hundreds of thousands of products; that is not all Disney created. He created an amazing, memorable experience. Now this may seem a little unusual when thinking of how to implement this into the running of a bankruptcy law firm, but just think. People rarely remember what was said and what was done, but they never forget how something made them feel.Putting more emphasis on making the client’s experience as stress-free as possible, will more likely help them to remember their time with you in a good light. What could you do to make their bankruptcy filing easier? How about directing them to an EOUST-approved, affordable and convenient Credit Counseling and Debtor Education provider?

Disney films offer an escape from reality. As already mentioned, Disney does not just cater to children. Both adults and children can enjoy the same film for varying reasons, and draw differing conclusions from them. It successfully caters to adults, and not just because their quirky cartoons are so endearing. Disney movies offer an escape from the harsh reality of day to day life. They allow adults to enjoy the silliness of animation while receiving the meaningful messages embedded intricately within each storyline.

So can you offer your clients that same escape from reality, when they come to visit you? Can you make the smile, and help them to forget their financial woes for just a few hours? Anything of this nature can be a true blessing during such a difficult time, and one they will not likely forget. Go the extra mile with your clients, and your efforts will be rewarded.

Walt Disney’s legacy continues, even after his death. His parks are still ranked number one in the US. Isn’t that incredible? Imagine that, stamping your name on something indefinitely. You too can achieve such success with your bankruptcy practice by making the same crucial, strategic decision that Disney made: focus entirely on your consumers. 🙂 Of course you may already be thinking along these lines, in which case, you are on the right path to success!

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