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Bankruptcy Attorneys: Are You Social Media Savvy?

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bankruptcy-attorney-social-mediaSocial Media. Are you using it? Do you have your own social media dream team? 57% of companies do, and dedicate an entire team of people to propel their social media marketing initiatives to success. We recently wrote a post on the importance of using social media for your bankruptcy practice, but upon reflection, we realized it may not be instantly obvious how to master the beast without offering some sense of direction. So this article was born.

You may think social media itself is the trend to take note of. But did you know; there are many trends emerging from within social media? Have you heard of social listening?

We aren’t being smart here; social listening is actually a trend. In 2013, 60% of organizations were implementing this strategy, offering them the chance to interact directly with their potential consumers. You want to engage with them, build relationships and truly understand what it is that they want from you. In fulfilling their expectations, bang– you have a new customer.

It is always important to consider your target market, as detailed in our previous post on different buyer personas. Yet through the use of social media, you are opening up your business to a whole new world of possibilities. You might discover a previously unexplored area of the market as potential consumers, brought to your attention through their interactions and responses to your products on social media.

You can increase the likelihood of such interactions through the integration of email and social media marketing. Further incentivize people to take note of your call to action through social sharing. Not only are you able to expand the reach of your emails by reaching out to potential new subscribers on social media, but you are also allowing yourself more and more opportunities to – yet again – connect with your target audience. It is all about making that connection, and streamlining multiple marketing methods in this way only enhances the likelihood of that happening.

Following on from this, you can even interlink your various social media accounts when posting, to extend the reach of your content. There are even apps available to help you manage this. If you feel you lack the skills to implement social media for your bankruptcy practice then look no further. The internet is full of valuable resources to help kick-start your journey into the world of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…the list is endless. Furthermore, you can never know everything. There are always new concepts to learn – even for the more experienced social media users – and trends are always changing. For example: are you hashtag savvy? Hashtags were all the rage when Twitter started to take the world by storm, but did you know you can now use them on Facebook too? There is a hashtag code of ethics to take into consideration too – we are talking serious business here! Relate your content to trending topics, and never overload your posts with more than 2 hashtags.

Are you using Google+? If not then, sign up. Become one of the 300 million people visiting G+ every month. A Google+ Business Page is easy to set up, and as it automatically combines search and social media, your search ranking is going to get a boost without much extra effort on your part. There is talk of G+ developing advertising capabilities on their platform, following on from the successes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn implementing the same strategy. So not only can you use social media as a platform for advertising through content sharing, but also through paid ads. We really can’t think of any reason for you to not use social media for your bankruptcy practice. Can you?

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