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Consumer Education Services Inc. Acquires Affordable Bankruptcy Courses

Raleigh, NC. March 20, 2015Consumer Education Services Inc. (CESI), a non-profit credit counseling organization since 1998, announced today that it has acquired Affordable Bankruptcy Courses. CESI’s acquisition of Affordable Bankruptcy Courses advances its mission of offering comprehensive personal financial education and solutions for all life stages and milestones.

The Affordable Bankruptcy Courses platform has been used to provide online Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling and the Debtor Education Course since 2012. Through what can be a complex and confusing time, Affordable Bankruptcy Courses serves to provide an easy to use platform to complete the required bankruptcy courses while educating consumers.  The online Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling is offered at $15 per household and online Debtor Education is $19 per household.

“Offering the highest quality bankruptcy counseling program in the industry allows us to further serve the needs of our valuable customers, especially those who are at a critical crossroad in their financial future,” said Dr. Diane Chen, CESI’s CEO.

CESI has worked closely with the Executive Office of U.S. Trustees (EOUST) to meet the new requirements by updating Affordable Bankruptcy Courses’ software platform and integrating comprehensive training for their counselors. Bankruptcy attorneys and their clients can expect to receive fast, easy, and affordable bankruptcy courses powered by one of the nation’s leading credit counseling agencies.

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